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ANAVA jewelry & design
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About ANAVA jewelry & designs


For quick contact e-mail to:


Opening account

  • Please fill in your details fully and truthfully in the contact form in our website or by emailing us to Please make sure to state whether your business is a wholesaler or a retailer.

Viewing of our jewels

  • Our website contains a gallery of samples of our jewelry but not the complete range. Please note that our product range is ever changing, and we will update you regularly on our new models.
  • Upon approval of your account we will send you the details required to access our wholesale line.


  • Once you have seen our line and you are ready to inquire for prices, please send us the codes of the models you are interested in and we will send you our best quotation and a full description of the jewelry items.
  • Please note, and as we stated above, it is important to us to know the nature of your business, so we can price the jewels correctly.
  • Should you be interested in making some adjustments in the models of your interest, please let us know and we will check there feasibility and price it accordingly.

Bulk and repeating orders

  • If you wish to make a big order of a specific model or if you are to create your own products line with us or a product catalog, and you plan to make repeating orders in wholesale quantities for specific models, please let us know and we will try our best to accommodate your needs, thus creating a long term partnership.
  • Customers who purchase in bulk regularly enjoy great prices
  • With the development of our relationship we will make the necessary adjustments to mutually benefit both sides.

Placing an Order

  • We have a wide variety of jewelry to offer, to accommodate wide range of needs and requirements, therefore our jewelry is being produced upon request.
  • You can order by filling and returning the order form we will provide.
  • Or, regardless of the order form, please send us the details of the Jewelry items you wish to order either by email or by fax together with your company and shipping details.

The processing and production of your order

  • Once we have processed your order (normally within 3 business days):

New clients:

  • We will send you Pro-forma Invoice to confirm for your initial orders (typically first 2 orders).
  • This Pro-forma Invoice will only include the products’ prices, quantities and total value and won’t include shipping cost. Shipping cost will be added to the final invoice that we will send you once production is finished and prior to shipment.
  • With your confirmation and in that point in time we will need a copy of your ID and credit card, as well as the credit card details in writing or other details as agreed upon between us concerning the payment method.
  • For new clients - once we receive your confirmation we will charge you 50% in advance and the remaining 50% + shipping cost after shipment and upon receipt of the jewelry.
  • During production we might recognize that we cannot supply you some of the items (a situation that occur mostly when order quantities are small). We will communicate this problem to you once we know of it, in case you’d want to make changes in your order.
  • The final invoice will be adjusted to the actual products delivered as well as the final payment.
  • All of the above are subject to a change if conditions require.

Existing clients:

  • We will confirm the receipt of your order.
  • During production we might recognize that we cannot supply you some of the items (a situation that occur mostly when order quantities are small). We will communicate this problem to you once we know of it, in case you’d want to make changes in your order.
  • Once the production is finished, we will send you the invoice including shipping and handling prices, the shipping destination and other necessary details for you to confirm.
  • After your confirmation we will send you the goods and charge the amount as written in the invoice.
  • All of the above are subject to a change if conditions require.

For Both existing and new clients:

  • Once the order is shipped, we will send you an update that includes the final invoice in PDF format and the shipping tracking number with the forwarder.

Minimum Order Quantity

  • The minimum amount for initial order is $350. The minimum amount of re-order is $250. Both these amounts don’t include shipping price.
  • There is no minimum quantity per item. However, there can be a situation in which some models will not be available due to too small quantities per this specific item. In this case we will notify you as soon as possible on the situation as we wrote above.

Payment Methods

  • Payment can be done by wire transfer + the bank commission, PayPal, Western Union and all major credit cards besides AMEX.
  • We will send you the necessary details for your choice of payment method.
  • The payments can be done either in USD or ILS according to your choice. PayPal payments will be done in ILS only.

Payment terms

  • Once our business relationship is formed, we require having your ID and credit card details fully. These details will be kept in our system in privacy and will be charged as agreed between us.
  • Initial orders require complete payment by credit card. Once we receive your confirmation for our Pro-forma Invoice (and also look above in the article “the processing and production of your order”) we will charge you 50% in advance and the remaining 50% + shipping cost after shipment and upon receipt of the jewelry.
  • For repeating orders the payment will be done before shipment or as agreed upon with the client for a specific case.
  • Other terms for repeating orders can be negotiated once our business relationship is established and on a case by case basis to the benefit of both sides.


  • We ship door to door with EMS, DHL and UPS. We can use another company upon the client’s request. All orders will be shipped together with the necessary documents.
  • It is your responsibility to notify us for any special shipping requirement, so we can accommodate to your needs.
  • Shipping costs will be paid by you and added to your invoice. In case the shipment will be done collect we will use your (the client’s) account with the courier of your choice and under your responsibility.
  • Local taxes and all other charges in the destination country will be paid by you.
  • Once we ship out, we will send you the tracking number of the package.
  • The shipment insurance is within the normal insurance frame given by the courier of your choice.
  • [Insurance to cover the full value of the goods (on top of the regular one given by the courier companies) can be added upon request, and will be paid by you.]

Handling and delivery times

  • We always do our best to produce and ship as soon as possible, many times we accomplish it ahead of the deadline.
  • On average, orders will take approximately 21 business days to ship out, depends on season, size of order and number of current orders we handle at the time.

Return and exchange policy for damaged goods

  • Prior to shipment we check 100% of the items we ship for their quality. We expect that the users of our products will act according to our usage recommendations.
  • We accept claims for damaged products or goods that were supplied to you and didn’t comply with your order.
  • The goods should be checked by you within 7 days after receiving them. In case there is a problem, please notify us by email and add photos to your claim so we can understand the problem.
  • We take full responsibility for mistakes if they are done by us, and we will decide together the best and most efficient manner in which to compensate you.
  • Every claim will be dealt with individually.
  • We will not take responsibility for a product that was changed by you or by a third party.


  • We are free to change those terms and conditions at any time and as we see fit without earlier notice.
  • Please see our recommendation for optimal usage here >>
ANAVA jewelry & designs is proud to be a part of the Israeli Exporting Institute - Ensuring quality and liability that stand with the highest Israeli standards.

ANAVA jewelry & designs uses zinc alloy casting (silver or brass), Swarovski crystals, semi precious stones, exquisite beads, glass and leather for the finest look.
Our jewelry is considered detailed art form, which enhances the beauty of women of all ages in all nationalities.
ANAVA jewelry & designs, re-introduces the pewter look into the fashion world.
The jewelry collection is made with a combination of classic methods & state of the art technology.
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